2012 RoSEC Winter School




RoSEC is a robotics-specialized education consortium founded in May 2009 under the support of MKE (Ministry of Knowledge Economy) that aims to foster MS and Ph.D. level professionals in the robotics and integrated robotics area with international leadership to steer the robotics industry in the future integrated age.
Hanyang University, Pusan University, and Inha University have formed a consortium with a total of 43 professors with robotics related majors. In order to achieve the goal of fostering professionals in the most advanced level of robotics, the 2012 RoSEC Winter School, inviting the most renowned experts domestic or abroad, will be held from Jan 4 to 6, for a total of 3 days at Hanyang University.
We hope that the lectures will contribute to the enlargement of the intellectual spectrum of domestic researchers involved in robotics researches and the business development of intelligent robots. And, we are looking forward to seeing you in 2012 RoSEC. 

Jan. 2012 

Il Hong Suh
Director, RoSEC

Uk-Youl Huh and Hee Je Kim
Co-Directors, RoSEC


Prof. Il Hong Suh (HYU)
Prof. Jang-Myung Lee (PNU)
Prof. Wan Kyun Chung (POSTECH)
Prof.Nak Young Chong (JAIST)

Prof. Jechang Jeong (HYU)
Prof. Uk-youl Huh (Inha Univ.)
Prof.Henrik I. Christensen (GIT)
Prof. Daniel Lee (UPenn)

Prof. Byung-Ju Yi (HYU)
Prof. Hakil Kim ( Inha Univ.)
Prof. Rolf Johansson (Lund Univ.)
Prof. Paul Oh (DREXEL)

Prof. Hee-Je Kim (PNU)
Dr. Sang-Rok Oh (KIST)
Prof. Dongheui Lee (TUM)
Prof. Sylvain Calinon (IIT)





Download and fill out application form from RoSEC homepage (http://rosec.hanyang.ac.kr) and then upload application form of homepage.

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